Accomplished Non-Professional Musicians

"Liam Burke is an extraordinary combination of dedicated craftsman and accomplished performer. Few repair technicians -- I'd even venture to say virtually none -- have his level of musicianship and skill on the clarinet. And yet he somehow manages to combine this with the drill-down concentration of a surgeon -- diagnosing and fixing problems with elegance, minimal invasiveness, mastery and care. A hallmark of Liam's work is careful and detailed explanation of problems, often accompanied by close-up photographs.

As a clarinetist working in a non-music profession, I felt treated with the same attention as the principal of any major orchestra. Liam never condescended, and in fact was quite personable. After some modestly extensive work on my A and Bb clarinets, the action on both felt buttery, and has remained so nearly a year later. I highly recommend Liam."

Dan Wakin