Personalized Repair

Liam will obsess over your instrument in a way that it’s always deserved! He’s extremely detailed, thoughtful, and precise, so you’ll love how it plays afterwards. Go to Liam!

Chris Pell

Behind My Approach

The most important part of my work as a repair technician is the opportunity to build relationships with my clients and their instruments. Just like a personal physician, I strive for ongoing “patient care.” This allows me to deepen my understanding of both the artist and their instrument, and deliver even better, more personalized, service. With this goal in mind, Liam Burke Custom Woodwind Repair offers a subscription service. Subscribers enter a retainer agreement, paying a set quarterly membership fee which allows, among other things, for more direct service, free appraisal, periodic discounts and, most importantly, a dramatically reduced hourly rate.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in clarinet repairs for professional clarinetistsaccomplished non-professionals and students.  I also work on instruments for the New York Philharmonic and for music schools such as The Juilliard School, Yale College of Music, Mannes College of Music, NYU, UMass, and University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee.

How did you become a professional repair technician?

When I was in school, and even when I began performing professionally, it wasn't until I brought my clarinets to Mark Jacobi for a repair appointment that I realized having a true expert work on my instruments makes an enormous difference. I went to Mark Jacobi in Philadelphia not because my instruments were broken, but because I had been hearing for years that he can work wonders on any instrument he touches. The clarinets that I had Mark Jacobi work on were actually brand new and I liked them very much already, so I was curious as to how they could be improved. After my first appointment, it immediately became apparent that my instruments - and I - had achieved a sense of comfort and freedom from his work that I never thought was possible. I was blown away by the tactile response from the newly-customized keywork, the ease of sound production, the improved resonance and intonation, and so many other aspects that are integral to leading a successful career in music. Mark Jacobi opened up this new world of possibility for me, and I continue to be astounded by his work and the vast wisdom that he brings to specialized instrument repair.