Professional Musicians

"Liam Burke and I performed together a year ago and I was pleased at that time to learn that he also had a repair shop near my home. Since that time, Liam has done some wonderful work on some of my instruments, many of my students clarinets and reconditioned most of the Yale School of Music's auxiliary clarinets. Liam is clearly a master artisan in addition to being a fine clarinetist. He is one of very few excellent craftsmen representing a new generation!"

David Shifrin


Some repair clients with whom I perform

I am very fortunate to have opportunities to perform in top orchestras with my colleagues who are also repair clients.  I can track their instruments' progress and answer any questions they may have in relation to the pieces we are playing.  I have even been able to help with emergency repairs during performances!

With Chris Pell at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

With Anton Rist at the Metropolitan Opera

With the clarinet section during a run of Rite of Spring at the American Ballet Theatre Orchestra

During Intermission at the Met with repair clients Anton Rist (clarinetist), Chelsea Knox (Flutist - I worked on her piccolo), Dean LeBlanc (clarinetist), and Julia DeRosa (oboist)