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Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA)


Tenon Sleeve

Bridge Key Adjustment Screw

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Hourly Rate

- One Hour Appointment Minimum


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- No Appointment Minimum

- Free Instrument Appraisals

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- No Appointment Minimum

- Free Instrument Appraisals

- Periodic Discount Offers

- Discounted COA's

- One free COA every 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Are subscriptions limited to one instrument?

A subscription is not limited to one instrument!  Subscriptions are offered per customer.

Do I have to subscribe in order to get repairs done?

You may get repairs done without being a subscription member.  However, subscription members enjoy much more affordable rates and the opportunity to bring their instruments in more frequently.

How often should I bring my instrument for repair?

I recommend at least a Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA) every 6 months to maintain your instrument's ease of playing.  Routine COA's allow me to detect potential issues before they affect your playing or even worse, lead to an emergency during performance.  Many instrumentalists will admit that they do not get repairs frequently enough, and they tend to wait until there is a problem that is prohibiting them from playing their best (this was certainly the case for me before I learned about the enormous positive effect that professional repair and maintenance can have on your instruments).  It is best to bring your instrument in frequently for preemptive, routine service.

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