Liam Burke and I performed together a year ago and I was pleased at that time to learn that he also had a repair shop near my home. Since that time, Liam has done some wonderful work on some of my instruments, many of my students clarinets and reconditioned most of the Yale School of Music's auxiliary clarinets. Liam is clearly a master artisan in addition to being a fine clarinetist. He is one of very few excellent craftsmen representing a new generation!

David Shifrin

I don't think I've ever come across a more decent person in any business than Liam, and what a blessing it is to have someone so gifted and caring in the business of woodwind repair! There has been a dearth of fine repair people in the city, and Liam's presence and expertise have been invaluable in filling the gap. My students and I have been delighted with his meticulous work, and I cannot recommend him more highly. 

Alan Kay

Liam is excellent at identifying the issues with your instrument and the work is really excellent! Great communication skills and all around great guy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dean LeBlanc

Liam Burke is an extraordinary combination of dedicated craftsman and accomplished performer. Few repair technicians -- I'd even venture to say virtually none -- have his level of musicianship and skill on the clarinet. And yet he somehow manages to combine this with the drill-down concentration of a surgeon -- diagnosing and fixing problems with elegance, minimal invasiveness, mastery and care. A hallmark of Liam's work is careful and detailed explanation of problems, often accompanied by close-up photographs.

As a clarinetist working in a non-music profession, I felt treated with the same attention as the principal of any major orchestra. Liam never condescended, and in fact was quite personable. After some modestly extensive work on my A and Bb clarinets, the action on both felt buttery, and has remained so nearly a year later. I highly recommend Liam.

Dan Wakin

Liam did top notch work on my clarinet!! He is located just steps from Lincoln Center, making it easy and convenient to see him. Treat your clarinets to a spa day with Liam. They will be happy they went!!!

Shari Hoffman

Went to Liam for oboe/E.h. repair. Painstaking, curious and enthusiastic; much great work done on pads, adjustments, tuning and general reviving of older instruments. Highly recommended!

Robert Ingliss

I went to Liam in a panic- I had a spring break the day before the finals of a competition. I took my clarinet to him that afternoon. When I walked out soon after, he had fixed the spring and several other things along the way! I won the competition and owe it in part to Liam for his expertise! Thanks- BK

Bixby Kennedy

Liam puts such care into his work, my instruments left his place smiling:) Highly recommended!

Nuno Antunes

Simply the best!

Julia DeRosa

Fast communication, very thorough, and generous with his time. Thanks Liam!

Jarrett Hoffman

Liam went above and beyond in the care he put into my clarinet. He was very thorough. He is a true professional and I recommend him highly.

Fran Novak

I highly recommend Liam!! Mine was the first Bassoon he’s ever worked on (an honor), but I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’m thrilled with how my bassoon plays!!! Thank you Liam

Cynde Iverson

Liam is incredibly knowledgeable and has worked with me multiple times to get me that perfect result you want in an instrument. Fantastic repair!

Gabriel Paley